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Default Greetings From The MotorCity Im thumbing thru my new issue of Make, when i see this little ad about this site.
~~must view site~~ yes! this is what im looking for. I've been scouring the site now for the past week every spare moment - diggin for info - learning all I can. So many great bikes on here; my hats off to you all for your great work and inspiration. I think it will be a while before I'm at that level.

Definitely have a desire to make a board track style. Someday. I think first I'm gonna start with just a scavange type of project. Found bike parts, maybe a weed wacker motor, have a couple of snowblower engines I've been wonderin what to do with. wanna keep it on the cheap, before I get all crazy and drop money on a Grubee engine or whatever.

Not sure, where I'll go - or where I will end up.

Just know that ~~I must build~~


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