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Default Re: Science fair Ideas....

Originally Posted by weekend-fun View Post
I am wanting to do a project for the science fair, and i want it to involve motorbicycling.
My first plan was gas or electric? witch is better?. ...
When I was building my motor-bike, I did a web page comparing the cost of operating a gas-engine (4-stroke) bike compared to an electric. The gas-engine was considerably cheaper both to purchase initially, and per-mile of operation. The Bionx page has figured for their electric setups and you can figure out what gas engines cost.

{-this didn't surprise me too much because if electrics were really cheaper per-mile, then commercial trucks would be electric instead of fuel-burning, and none of them are-}

Lots of people love to claim that electrics "don't pollute as much" but there's simply no proof of that. It is true that batteries can be recycled, but there's inefficiencies involved-both ecological and financial.

The only definite claim the electric bike motor setup could rightfully lay claim to was lower/easier maintenance.
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