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Default Re: Clutch actuator upgrade

Originally Posted by marts1 View Post
My clutch operates as good as any of the clutches I've had in the past of several motobikes. Unknown what makes my cheapo ebay noname kit so special.
The first motorized bicycle I put together had a VERY stiff clutch lever. I called the supplier and was told that it was normal for these engines. I called several other suppliers and they confirmed the same thing...saying that about 1/2 of the engine kits they recieved had extremely tight clutches. Several suppliers said that a fix would sell. So without doing any further homework I made 250 units. It took a year to sell them.

The following month I signed on to the forum, and read the threads that referred to this problem. It was obvious that several fixes had already been discussed extensively.

The clutch kits were very time consuming to make...the time is better spent making parts that solve a difficult problem.

I should have worded my previous post on this thread differently, as it was unfair to 2-door who was simply trying to help.

I decided not to make any more clutch kits for several reasons.

1) The percieved value vs. cost is the number one make or break criteria for any product. Given that there are low, or no, cost ways to fix the problem; sales of this product will never justify another 250 unit run.

2) There have been comments as to whether or not these particular engines will be available in the near future. At this point, the last thing I need is obsolete inventory.

The fact that forum members help others by suggesting fixes had nothing to do with whether or not another run of the product would be made.

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