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Default First motorized bicycle Build. Help Needed.

A few questions.

Ok, so I have no problem starting the engine. I have to put the choke down more than half way to get it running. Once the engine starts and while the bicycle is in motion, the engine idles fine. However, once the bicycle decelerates to the point where it's almost stopping, the engine dies with it. Is this normal?

I've also noticed that my bicycle doesn't really pick up speed. I could only make it go up to 17 mph on a downhill, which is laughable at best (I know I can pedal to reach that speed). Do you think there is an air leak somewhere around the carburetor? One thing to note is I completely took off the air filter cover (the black plastic thing) because it's the only way the motor can clear inside the bicycle frame. I left the flitering on there along with plastic slide that was inside the cover. I assume it's no big deal since the engine starts up fine.

Any help with be greatly appreciated
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