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Default Re: Need a few Painting Tips

Originally Posted by Junster View Post
Hi I got a yamaha enduro 60 tank for my bike. I have it sanded down to bare metal. I'm getting ready to bondo in some dings etc in it. That part isn't to hard. I just wanted to know about any metal prep before I start primering it. Maybe best spray can primer? I planned on using Krylon black for the base color and after that trying to mask up something not ugly. Any easy shortcuts for pinstriping?

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Not sure if you have a da but if you do great. I'd softpad da it with 80 grit going slow, then 180 grit to cancel out your 80 grit scratches. If you leave scratches that are too deep you'll regret it when priming. Then I'd prime a few coats of "high build" Medallion Dual prime if you insist on rattlecan. Overlap your strokes by 50% and keep a nice even speed with your spray straight on at the distance recommended. Also let it flash a good 5 minutes in between coats. Then let it cure for a few hours or a day. Then spray a flat black rattle can on it to pepper it to use as a guide coat and once the pepper spray is gone you know you've sanded it evenly. I'd wet sand with 600 and a soft block. Watch your edges or anything digging.

If you do this as a hobby I'd go get a cheap $50 gun if I were you or those compressorless guns(presto).
gasoline and rattlecan don't go well and that's cause there's no hardener and being acrylic enamel. Ppg Omni is cheap and your clear will last a long time if you're just spraying bikes. In any case, once your primer is wetsanded you can use denatured alcohol to clean and spray, using flashtimes for everything you spray between coats. You also spray your clear coat to a semi cured base, so let it flash for around 45 min before clearing. Also, if you never wetsanded and buffed before I'd have second thoughts doing that on a round tank with fresh clear for the firsttime.
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