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Default saw chopper bikes on youtube and had to get one :)

anyhow, was wondering what engine kit and mount are good for the price? I'm hoping on getting an exhaust that comes with the kit that doesn't point up or down but looks like your standard motorcycle exhaust that goes straight back. I saw some in pics but not sure if it came with a kit or bought separately. Also looking for something that will go around 35 mph to 40. Would be nice to have the option to go chrome tank too. Any advice much appreciated.

I guess I should mention it's a 20" occ chopper bike. I read in a thread I'll need the kit, am engine mount, a sprocket adapter, and exhaust?

I'm thinking maybe the exhaust can work till I get the right one or is this dealing with clearance issues?

Any help appreciated.

btw, I'm a bodytech/painter and will probably do some wicked airbrushing on it after I learn how to dissassemble it.

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