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Talking Re: Dealing with Bike Shops

I Jus had to reply to this thread, because i go to one place and one place only in my area. Which is Richardson, TX AKA Dallas near garland. My home away from home is simply called "the bike shop" (literally) And they have been in business and in my neighborhood since i can remember I'm 17 my brother went to them ever since he could remember hes 25. They are a shop/store. The friendliest crew you've ever met. unlike what i've heard so far from everyone esles bike shops LOLZ and they work on my MOTORIZED bike, and are actually interested in it and enjoy working on it. One of them even rode it !!

I believe they get most of their income from fixing up peoples bikes and selling every part known to man kind and if nthey don't have it they'll order it for you. prices are very good.

One there was a guy that came in for a rear wheel when i did. and i was like what do u ride? cause why would he need a wheel? I was HOPING he was a fellow MBist AND HE WAS!!!!!! He and his wife rode up here 28 miles away with their 4stroke hondas (mountain bike) All red, very clean and nice. too bad i didnt have my camera they wouldv'e made u drool. it made me want to go 4 stroke cause of no mixing and they WERE SO QUITE :0

if your in dallas or ever are please check out "the bike shop" in richardson near Plano/Garland YOU'LL THANK ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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