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Default Hello from Florida

Hi, I am Bob, an old timer that relocated from the Midwest to central Florida 8 years ago. Many years ago, my main hobbies were restoring old Whizzer motor bikes and Cushman motor scooters. After that, I began restoring old foreign automobiles and vintage outboard motors. Since moving to Florida, all those hobbies fell to the side and I began enjoying saltwater fishing and shrimping from my small boat.

I am now recovering from a heart attack and decided to build a motorized bike in my spare time. I bought a used Schwinn Jaguar a few weeks ago and received my motor kit from Boygofast last Friday. I rode it for the first time today and found out that it runs at WOT all the time. The problem has to be either in the throttle cable adjustment or the way I assembled the carburetor. Otherwise, the only problem I encountered was with the cheap chain tensioner that came with the kit.

I found this Forum yesterday and found it to be full of helpful information, some of which I plan to follow tomorrrow when I eliminate my WOT problem. Hopefully, I will be able to offer some meaningful information in the future.
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