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Default Re: Exhaust system question

technically half the original amount of exhaust pulses that were passing through the original muffler would be passing through each muffler, therefore 1/2 the back pressure, but im not sure about half the volume b/c each pipe would be emitting an exhaust note at approximately the same time but each has half the amplitude of the original therefore the same volume... example: 1 speaker outputs 60 watts, 2 speakers output 30 watts each (60 watts combined) both output same amount of power but 2 speakers require less work per speaker than in the 1 speaker i.e. less backpressure from 2 mufflers than 1... to obtain 1/2 volume but 2 times the backpressure = 2 mufflers in series... makes sense to me, at least at this moment maybe someone else will chime in... -Justin
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