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Default Re: hurt bad and it wasnt user error

I have to disagree. When people like this have their behavior catch up with them, it is normally because they ran upon someone who won't take their crap and act defenseless. I agree that carrying grudges is not healthy and going to jail certainly isn't viable, but turning your back and letting him get away to do it to someone else before anyone does anything is wrong. The authorities should have most definately been notified and charges pressed. That's the way the world works, now. You can't just meet up with him in the parking lot and take care of it like the good ole days. I will bet you that if you did anything to physically retaliate, you will have authorities knocking on your door because he or his parents called them and reported you. And just so you know, just because he is a large fellow and you may be smaller doesn't mean that you will loose. Usually, just standing up for yourself is enough to make people like this leave you alone.
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