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Default Stingray in TN

Hi everybody. I've got one of the newer stingrays with an old homelite xl-12 chainsaw motor on it. Now the xl-12 is one of the most reliable 2 stroke motors of all time, in my opinion, it's not what I need on this bicycle. the rod for the seat and that whole part of the frame has been cut. (i'll get a picture up soon) and there's a plate welded to mount, but otherwise it's all original. So where you guys come in is on the matter of putting something better on this bike. Is it worth it? How much power can I get? Should I do direct drive, chain, or belt? I'd imagine you guys use belts. Anyhow, let me know what my options are for this bicycle and what I can do to get it moving strong again.

Also, pedals are gone.

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