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Default Re: hurt bad and it wasnt user error

linnix13., I'm Ont. born and raised and yes it's true we are not as sue happy as the US.
Having a piece of your finger cut off in the work shop class is not like having some a** hole knock you off your bike.
Stick you lunch hooks in the saw and that's your fault. I'll show you three of mine that went though the saw not once but twice. You can't sue for being a dumb a**. If you could I'd be rich.

You still have a chance to buy insurance at the start of school? That's how schools cover thier a**. You don't buy insurance, well you took the responsibility to look after you own problems.

They don't want to bother the football hero? He gets a week off school? Big deal. He'll be back in time to play. Can't lose a big time player.

A lawyer might want to know why he was able to assault a student and get a week off. This wasn't an after school punch up. He was out to hurt you big time. If you landed a different way you may have found out how much of a joy it is when your legs become wheels. I have knowledge of that to. Another rap I beat but barley. I'm now crippled up from that and 45 years later I may be in that chair yet.

Here's a hint whiz bang. Girls don't find guys in wheel chairs sexy.
I heard creepy used a lot. Another thing you find out just who your Bubs are! Hauling the crippled guy around cuts down on the ability to pick up Chicks so you would have been sitting at home a lot by yourself.
The recovery is worse than anything you ever pictured.

So when you think it isn't worth going after this low life, think about what could have happend. There just aren't enough million in this world if you had just landed the wrong way. You could have asked Superman.

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