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Oh I'm sure lol. I'll be making a better one come spring though. Gonna be aiming for 3x6 on that one, not entirely sure how it will be built yet. I do know it will be full metal framing, probably angle iron to make it strong, and I will be using it for hauling scrap and what not. This one will haul scrap, but I already know I won't be able to load the crap out of it because of how the aluminum frame is assembled, plus the fact that I barely needed a drill to open one of the holes, the aluminum this frame is made of is like butter.

But that is then, this is now. In the interest of doing the cheap stuff first, I'm going to hold off on my motor until after New Years because of one upcoming trip and an extra leg of that trip pending. I'll need the money if I end up doing the extra leg of that trip. So the next thing to happen will be the LED's. I'm going to order a batch of white 18,000mcd, and a pile of red and amber as well. The white is for part of the headlight, the amber is for the sides and signals, the red is for the rear. I plan to use the Pontiac 3rd brake light I picked up as the brake light on the trailer, and the 5mm leds around the side and rear will stay constantly lit. I'm thinking I will frame the rear with LED's spaced around 2" apart give or take. The sides will have amber leds every 4 inches or so. I'm more worried about rear visibility than side. The bike will still get the 5mm LED/HDPE tubing combo I was talking about before hand (pretty sure I talked about it here, maybe I didn't...IDK anymore lol). The LED's shouldn't cost me more than 15 or 20 bucks, plus the motorcycle battery to run them. The diodes for regulation don't cost much either lol.

As much as I would love to have my bike motored right now, I don't mind being able to haul and be seen first. After all, no point in going faster if it just means drivers don't see me and therefore hit me that much harder.
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