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Default Re: hurt bad and it wasnt user error

My question is if this is such a great teacher why didn't he/she call the cops right then and there? Do not listen to any vengance advice as that is like pouring gas on the fire. You already told me this guys a looser barely comes to school...he most likely has a hard road ahead of him. Did you ask this nice teacher what to do? It's not like the whole dang school don't know already anyhow. That teacher should be fired if he/she just stood there and did nothing. What if it had been a gun? Is that what it takes? Injuries like this can effect you the rest of your life you need to speak up for nothing more than future reference.

I was jokin about the books.

Folks it is kinda dumb to suggest illegal means online or otherwise period. It takes effort not to let your emotions take control. What goes around comes around.
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