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Around the trailer court it seems to slow me down some, but I'm thinking that it might be cause the entire court is kind of a hill, even where it seems flat, cause it rolled smooth coming back down into the court. I need to run some errands tomorrow, I'll take it with me and see how it rolls. I need to double check that the wheels are on tight as well.

Looking back through my receipts, it looks like I spent close to 50 bucks on it. I was hoping to do it for cheap, but the 1x12 was 11 and change, the long bolts and washers to hold the body to the frame was 15 bucks, I bought something like 6 or 7 1x2 at 1.28 a piece, I got the sheetwood for like 6 bucks from the yards scrap shed (where they cut it down to size for customers), ended up with a sheet and half actually, nice price there. Let's see... 5 bucks for the 2 rolls of reflective tape, 8 bucks for the safety triangle, I forget what the wheel paint, clear coat, and sanding sponge cost me, the rubbercoat was 6 bucks, the 1lb box of screws was 3 dollars I think. The stain was laying around, as was the piece of wood I used for the floor of this beast. The fact that my braindamaged butt is pulling all that from memory is nothing short of a miracle.....

So lets see...that makes the plus the crap for the wheels. Good lord.... Ok, so I guess I spent more like 70 bucks on it.

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