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Default Re: hurt bad and it wasnt user error

Originally Posted by Motor Boys View Post
Hey , sorry to here about that brother, I'm glad the kid got busted. I feel like taking you to school and smacking the kid for wreaking your bike and you and one of my engines. WTF is this world coming to, I mean I seen a kid smack his mom in the face yesterday at my daughters vollyball game and the Mom just shook it off like it was all good ( the kid was about 12) Feel better Ryan!
thanks i intend too!( oh noess!! now everyone knows my real name!! ahhhrrrgh,, never mind this isnt 4chan so i dont care)

yeah the engine isnt wrecked, still runs mint! my bike is another story, if a Chinese engine can out survive a $1k professional mountain bike then something is done right there, but i only rode it for 2 seconds after the crash so time will tell, one i heal i give it a boot, my buddies at school should have my bike fixed by then, and if i can sue this kid im buying another engine, just for parts, would be nice to have an extra hoot in my back pocket in case,
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