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Default Re: engine problem

rickie h, I had the same thing happen once (only once) when I left the petcock open overnight. Like Venice says, it makes you scratch your head, as it doesn't look reasonable. But I guess if the carb needle valve is open (most likely dirty or just 'hung up'-these are not machined exactly like a 1960 Holley 4-bbl), and if the piston stopped below the exhaust port, then yes, the gas can run down, through the carb, siphon into the cylinder, and out through the exhaust pipe. I'd suggest engage the clutch, pedal around a bit with the kill button pushed and choke off and let excess gas blow out, then gas it up and go. You may get a pop from the exhaust, but I doubt it. If it runs ok and the throttle works right, I'd not worry unless it leaks all the time, and then you may need a cleaning or new float or needle. And just try to remember to turn off the petcock overnight, so you won't dump the gas if the planets line up just right again.
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