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Default Re: Aluminum or steel

Originally Posted by Nashville Kat View Post
I've been boring out the billet intake more- I guess the idea for perfomance is that it's shorter, but when I stuck my little finger into it, and then the stock long intake, the stock was actually wider-

NOT NOW!- a drill bit and some filing and the alloy comes away pretty easily- the billet is now gonna be wider open than the stock intake, and much shorter. But upon inspection of the whole deal, the determining factor is still the port diameter of the carb, and I see that i can get maybe 2mm more opening there if I ream it- but I'll have to take it all apart to not get shavings in the motor or carb- and I'm busy with other things. Yeah modifying the cable holder is another thing too- luckily I have a hacksaw.

I think I'll go with the newer NTS myself and save some money- they are claiming ports that are 3mm larger, and it has a larger jet. I've thought from the beginning that the carb has always been the weak link.
every nt i ever jetted to run right went leaner on the main.. I also run 50:1
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