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So anyway, other than a short length of small chain to keep the lid from opening too far and some more rubber coating to go inside the new fenders, trailer is done and 100% usable now. Wheels are covered, everything is secured, lid has a latch that holds super tight (no rattles here hehe), and I have a reflective safety sign on the back.

Tomorrow I get to haul scrap to the yard with it, and start a running tab with them again. Man it is awesome. I'm thinking about getting another sheet of plywood to use inside. The bottom is split up into 4 small compartments plus the main area. I would cut the plywood into 2 sections, with hinges. These sections would be attached to the front and rear of the inside, and could drop down at moments notice to haul bags or other things on top of the dropped down sheetwood, effectively doubling my usable floor space inside. Awesome when I am out picking up car parts and groceries.

And now, the pics. (BTW, yes mods, I know you hate my large pics, but the forum won't upload them at their current size and I don't have anything right now that I can use to resize them.)

i'm freakin loony (inventory is always being added!)
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