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Default The ride is great-time to change it

My first build now with 500+ Mi. Just runs fine, Could use some more top end via a smaller sprocket(now a 32t). However it doesn't like very steep hills(13-15MPH). Cruises at 24, over that the motor revs higher than I like. (24 in. O.D. wheel).
Lights,turn signals, brake light, speedo, comfy seat, c-clutch, p-start, good brakes, looks great and it's quiet.

So I built a second MB. Same frame but made it a five speed w/tuned exaust.
HOT DAMM what a change! Coulden't believe the diff. New mtr. starts on first pull, Goes much, much faster than my comfort level. Idles great, Climbs steep hills @ 20+(est. no speedo on this one)

Can the exhaust make that much diff? This motor doesn't even have 3 hrs. on it!
I was going to order a slant head but now I think I'll put it on my other bike.

The tuned pipe has a muffler on it but is still very loud, guess that's the trade off.
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