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Default Re: hurt bad and it wasnt user error

Originally Posted by linnix13 View Post
only problem with that is i really like my teacher, and if i sue the school and the kid the teacher might get fired, i would rather suck it up then hurt my teacher, plus our bikes are clearly illegal(at least in ontario) and i dont want to bring attention to it,
You meant clearly "not legal" as opposed to clearly "illegal" right Don't get me going on that Anyway motor added to your bicycle or not the courts and the police won't likely give a damn and besides you were on private property so the Ontario HTA rules and regs do not apply anyway.

As I said in my PM if the kid is 18 or under go after the parents! It's understandable you don't want to go after the school but don't let this little knob get away with this kinda crap!

Have a look at the Ontario Parental Responsibility Act, it is the act that is most relevant in your case. Clearly if things happened as you say they did you are entitled to compensation under this act and I would imagine the only arguing in the courtroom would be in regards to how much $$$ your entitled to recover. Pain and suffering, lost wages, damage to bicycle....I'd say 25g plus lawyers fees and costs would not be out of reach by any means.

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