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Default Re: Dealing with Bike Shops

That about sums up the world of retail in general.

Home Depot adventure- "Hi, can I help you?" "Yes, I need some glue for a laminated floor." "Uh, let me get someone in gluing."
Before I can tell this guy his store doesn't have a "gluing dept." he's on the special phone calling for back up and then I have three guys, all trying to figure out what the first guy is trying to find, one says; "It's in the Paint dept., by the other glue." One says; "I think it's by the drywall and floor leveler." One stands there looking like he's ready to pee his pants, and I walk down to the flooring dept., get my glue and leave them all in a "meeting of the minds".

I do it just to be mean I think.

Mrs. Joe asks me when we leave "Why do you always ask when you know where it is?"

"Well, he asked 'Can I help you?' didn't he? I was just trying to let him do his job."

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