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Default Re: Aluminum or steel

Originally Posted by Nashville Kat View Post
I asked falldownstand up about the intake on the bikes pictured earlier (like the red one) but I messed up because Flyby taco did the original posting- so I went looking at intakes, and the one on those bikes seems to be the alloy ported billet from Pirate Cycles (I just got mine), who also have the carbs.

I haven't installed it yet- has anybody got any comment of the performance of these things?

There are these two other carbs- the racing carbs pictured- kinda pricey- and a newer chinese carb to start shipping with kits (half as much) that claims wider ports and bigger jet. (on spookytooth) I guess it's too new for anyone to actually have compared the two, but who has any experience with either?
Hi Nashville,
The other carb you speak of is the one that comes on the grubee skyhawk kits. We stock it also. It has a fuel on and off on the carb itself and it is as good as the other carbs. Not better. I will be listing that one as well. We have been getting some calls on it.

The race carb has a air and fuel screw for a leaner and richer fuel adjustment. It also comes with a Thumb choke lever (very convenient). It is a larger more quality carb with tun-ability. It will not help if you are running the Gen 1 black cat muffler as that muffler is to restrictive to release sufficient airflow.. Otherwise its great.

The intake is another good power mod for the money! When installing, Be sure to pull up your clutch cable eye bolt and cut off a 1/4 inch of thread. Then replace. This allows you to re attach your carb and not hit the barrel of it on the bolt itself. Its a easy job.

Hope this was helpful to you.
Grubee Skyhawk Gas engine kit
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