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Default Re: Clutch actuator upgrade

Originally Posted by ChuckyT View Post
Does anybody have for sell or know where I might find an after-market (reduced effort) clutch actuator that will fit a Raw Motors 80cc engine. Manic Mechanic did at one time but discontinued for some reason.
There is a modification that you can easily do with your stock actuator that will reduce the effort needed to activate, (disengage) your clutch. You'll need access to a Dremel Tool, bench grinder with a buffing wheel and a few minutes of your time. I should really do a photo tutorial on this but I haven't had the time. Nevertheless here is a brief look at the project.
The parts that need attention are the clutch actuator cam, the part the clutch lever attaches to, and the pin which the cam presses against. From the factory these parts are very rough and there is considerable friction between them. Even when well lubricated the rough surfaces increase the effort of clutch actuation.
Remove the clutch actuator cover and then remove the cam from it by rotating it about 90 degrees and pulling it out of the housing. Remove the pin from the center of the engine drive sprocket. Using a Dremel, or other high speed grinding tool that will accept a sanding disc, carefully smooth the surfaces of the cam and the end of the pin. There's no need to get too aggressive and don't remove a lot of material. Just smooth the contacting surfaces and round off any sharp edges. This much will help but if you have a buffing wheel and some compound, polish the surfaces you smoothed with the sanding disc until they look like chrome. Clean and lubricate the cam and pin and reassemble. I think you'll be pleased with the results of your labor. In addition to this work you might want to lubricate the clutch cable and make sure there are no sharp bends or kinks in its length. Let us know how this works for you.
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