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Default what in your road kit

Okay on my blog I'm writing a fictional account of a motored bike road trip. At this moment I need to know what the minimalist tool kit would have in it. I mean the bare bones and any modifications to your tools to cut down on the weight of the items.

For instance in my electric bike kit, I have a 3/8 wrench for axle nuts, but it has been cut in half with only the open end part of it in the kit. The closed end is for another kit probably the gasoline one.

I'm thinking small can of tire inflater with slime rather than patch kit and pump. cut down 10mm wrench for the engine parts. 15mm cut down wrench for the axle bolts. A screwdriver with reversible shaft philips on one in slotted on the other. Maybe a small vicegrip would be a good thing to have.

Anyway let me know what you have that you really need for a bare bones low weight kit. thanks guys
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