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Default Re: Dealing with Bike Shops

Bicycle snobbery is as old as the hills, and the purists are probably not that thrilled with motors, even if there is potential sales and profit for them. But it's odd that a bike shop would have something against something foreign. I worked at I think five of them through the years, and almost everything they sell is in fact of foreign manufacture.

I've wondered lately if a large share of the cycling corporate structure has been bought up by the oil companies, because so many bike parts these days are so ridiculously priced.

I found some good buys- below internet cost- on a few things last summer at Bikesmith's in Bloomington Indiana. But the really cool place? The Bloomington Bicycle Co-op, run by volunteers, where you can pick up some good used items for a donation of your own choosing.

I was just saying to myself last night, it seems that the more professional a website is, the higher the prices always seem to be. The best places are, in my opinion, always owned and operated by people who are out to promote the whole cycling thing, not just in some business to make money.
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