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Default Dealing with Bike Shops

I have begun to believe that most of west Michigan bike shops are either run by elitist snobs who frown upon motorization or people who hate the Chinese in general. After calling around to replace yet another Micargi bottom bracket, I found a place that was close and inexpensive (relatively) for an upgraded bearing set.. The phone conversation went fine until I told them I was motorized, then the tone changed - too late to say no, as he'd already said yes to fixing my bike... I showed up with the bike to have the owner of the shop look like he stepped in something. The daughter and tech for the store were great people, but the entire time I was waiting for the change out the old fart kept saying "guess that's what you get for buying Chinese" .."when will people learn"... I came to realize that #1, there was christian radio being played in store and #2 all bikes were allegedly "all american made".. Now, I have no problem with your religious views, but West Mi is well known for it's rather isolationist and judgemental take on Christianity. I apparently did not look like part of the flock, so Mr McSheistypants had an issue with that (I have been flat out ignored by him in the past) and once he knew the bike AND the motor were Chinese, he did everything he could to make me feel unwelcome. Funny, as in all I spent over $200 in the last month there, and will never go back due to the ignorance and hate he displayed. As for "all American Made" I highly doubt it. seems these days our "made in america" stickers have a "made in china" sticker on the back. That and he was selling beach cruisers for $400 a pop for exact same bikes I've found online and in other shops for half that cost..

I can't wait to get back to Chicago..
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