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Default Re: Oh brother, here i go again!!!

I just got the 49 slanthead from boygofast- I probably won't have it installed for a few weeks, so I don't know about the power- I've got a 66 on a cruiser w/ a 36 sproket- it goes as fast as I want to ride, and a nice cruise speed- but no, none of these motors are really that powerfull, especially with only one gear.

The new kit comes with a nice countersunk 41 tooth sprocket, lighter than the 44s and the motor should be able to pull that well I think- mines going on a ten speed frame with small clearances and everything is chosen to keep the bikes weight minimal.
It also came with a smaller tank, and newer pre-installed carb.

I don't think this is the new ported carb just being put out (see spookytooth and others) but it does have an added shutoff at the top. It could be a drawback changing carbs though, and I'm not sure yet if the intake is the same at the frame- the sleeve has been eliminated, I think to improve the carburetion. I'm happy with this kit and with narrow tires and 27 alloy rims, I think it will pull the bike- I'm going to try a 34 sproket.

I'm just going to be on flat smooth streets.

Dax has pretty goods deals that come with a chrome tank- I can't speak for others- It's hard to anticipate just what you'l get sometimes- the shippments and offerings seem to change

Here's a couple of my bikes: My circa 1970 Peugeot PX10 road bike, fitted with alloy MX bars, Cobra grips and thumb shifters.

The build underway- My "BROOMSTICK"- Schwinn Traveller- with the slant 49 not yet tightened on. I believe between the smaller size and the extended pipe and long muffler that this will be a tad quieter than the cruiser.

happy motoring
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