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Default Re: SBP"s exhaust chamber upright position

I put on header wrap on my airplanes exhaust when I lived in Wyoming. My exhaust pipes were a tuned 4 into 2 set up lots of pipe under the cowling making for a lot of heat leading to vapor lock not good in an airplane. The wrap worked like a charm.
Here's the bad thing I moved to Virginia lot of humidity there. One day while flying over a forest
fire I felt something hitting me from the air vent(it was battery acid burned me a little) and smelled smoke that didn't smell like the wood
burning on the ground so I returned to the airport. Everything on the gauges looked fine.
Once on the ground and out of the plane I had a new paint job down the pilots side of my plane
didn't know what the stuff was but new that can't be good.
I took off the cowling and found that my exhaust had rusted out allowing the exhaust to burn a hole right through the battery fried it acid every where.
When I took off what was left of the wrap I noticed that the pipes were checker boarded with fine cracks were ever I had the wrap on them. I'd heard of this happening and had kept an eye on it never seen it on the inspection I'd did about a month before.
I ended up replacing the complete exhaust I used a ceramic sprayed on coating this time and it does almost as good as the wrap.
Now if you put this on your bike it will work but keep an eye on it.
The wrap is good for on the ground use I would not use it again on an airplane.
makes a for a good story I was very lucky.
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