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Default Re: Pea soup headlight

A little more progress was made today...was scratching my head for a while trying to come up with a simple method of securing the lens to the cans. Had lots of elaborate over engineered ideas but since this thing isn't going up on the next shuttle mission I gave my head a shake and came up with something simple...and

I took a 3/8" x 1" 1/2 fender washer and bored the center out so it matched the OD of the area on the back side of the lens I wanted to connect to. I then drilled 6 holes in the washer, 4 1/16th holes for closing the 2 halves back together with a length of copper wire once they are in position and 2 #29 holes for the 6-32 x 2" screws that go through the 2 #29 holes drilled into the end of the small can. After the boring and drilling was done I split the washer with a hacksaw and cleaned up the ends. I made a couple leather washers to go under the regular washers used on the outside of the small can just to help seal things up against the weather. I will eventually put a dab of securing solder on the 2 copper wires used to close the washer halves together but I'll wait and do that when I'm ready to button the thing up for the last time before mounting. Too I need to make a better and more secure E10 type bulb socket so there may be a need to disassemble everything once or twice yet. The pictures should give you all an idea of how it goes together and where I'm at with the project.

Cheers till next time


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