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Default Project 'Hippie Hater'

This is the second bike I've built completely from scratch. The first one I built that used a 20" rear tire didn't fulfill my need for speed so this one has a complete jack-shaft kit with a 5 speed rear wheel and suicide shifter. This bike is also obviously a kick start only.

Now I realize that I have broke the rules a little bit and was unable to keep the peddle part of the technically speaking its just a tiny motorcycle. I haven't got an actually speed on the bike but I'm guessing about 45-50 kmh on 20" tires.

I still have to tear it back down and paint it. The bike has a full lighting system running off of a small 12V battery. I want to upgrade the rear brake to a disc but haven't quite figured out how to hook up the disc to the wheel yet though.

Anyways, I'll post the finished bike pics in a week or 2. Comments, questions and criticism are always welcome.
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