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Default Any Programmers around here?

Hey guys I have been thinking about making a dyno for my bikes and I have figured out the hardware part. I plan on using one or two 45lb plates as a flywheel and they will be spun by the back tire of a bike. I will use a mouse or a keyboard along with a cam that will click a button a number of times per revolution.

So the reason for the title.

I need a program that will record the time between clicks and possibly output them into an excel file. This way I can just use the first derivative to calculate angular velocity, the second derivative to calculate torque and the third to calculate power. It would be able to make some really nice graphs that could show the difference in power from different upgrades, I think it would be really cool.

Anyway I don't think it would be that difficult for someone that knew what they were doing. I have acess to labview, matlab, and c++. So if anyone could lend advice, or ideally write this program, I would appreciate it greatly.
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