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Default Re: Ride in the rain

Originally Posted by Randog707 View Post
Maybe i'll give it another shot,I still have some of the wipes left.I must have applied it wrong or something.Thanks for the input Bairdco...
Bairdco is defo right about the Rain-X thing, it's wicked picky about being clean. I also think of it more like polishing compound in it's application than like the Armor-All it seems like. Ya need to polish w/a dry, soft rag afterwards too. It's a bit of a chore but so worth it. The anti-fog stuff for the inside I've had no luck with tho.

You said wipes? o_O I've not seen those, I always just got the bottle lol - I'm gonna keep a lookout for those, they'd be perfect fer my glasses ridin' my motorized bicycle - thanks man!
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