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Default Re: welcome barelyawake as our newest moderator

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
I will happily trade 1/2 this ModMoney for a winter vacation in Arizona (I needz print up a batch first tho)...

How about this for just 1/4 of that grand... stay in northern Minnesota in the Superior National Forst in a 1957 Spartan Aircraft Trailer which isn't all that much colder than where you are and it has a dock on a frozen lake! Southern exposure for that dock site, too. Cut your own firewood and sleep very close to the wood stove. Only a 12 mile walk to town. Town has a bicycle shop shut down for the winter, two hardware stores and a public library. All this for just $250.00.Think of it! I'll be back in April so it is only available until then. Avoid the crowds of Arizona... act now!
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