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Default Re: High Speed Rear Blowouts

Originally Posted by Charged-Reacter View Post
I am using a GEBE Tanaka 40cc belt drive with a expansion chamber exhaust
and a high performance carburetor and I am having trouble with rear blow outs.
I was going 35mph for about 9 miles with throotle left to spare. The tires , tire liners,
and slime tubes and wheel set are of decent quality. The trouble is at the valve stem,
either the tire and tube is slipping causing this. Does anyone else have this problem
while going at higer speeds? How can a person fix this issue? I am using about 60psi
in both tires. The front tire seems to be doing ok at these speeds. Will I have to go to
clincher style rims?
There's more than one way to skin a cat. Here's some of the ways I've managed to solve tire blowout problems:

Switch to 100psi tires and tubes and inflate them to 100 psi. Animal makes a great 100 psi slick but there are other great tires as well.

If you happen to be running a 20" wheel you can fit a !6" x 2 1/4 DOT RATED moped tire on the rim along with a moped tube-- preferably a tube that has a threaded valve stem (Of the Schrader style) that allows you to lock it down with a nut. Such tubes were common place on older motorcycles but can be hard to find these days. And they cost more to make.

If you're running a 26" wheel and have a wide enough frame you can go to your local Whizzer dealer and buy a 26" x 3" Kenda DOT RATED tire like Whizzer is putting on the new Ambassador. Cost: $55-$60 new.

A 3rd way to skin that flat cat is to go to your local hardware store and buy a rubber grommet just big enough to slide over your valve stem and drill the hole in your rim just big enough to fit the grommet. A grommet will cost less than $1.oo.

Of course, none of these or anyone else's suggestions are worth a flip if your tires and tubes aren't correctly installed and inflated.
-RecycleBill, Greensboro, North Carolina's EZM dealer
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