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Default Re: High Speed Rear Blowouts

[QUOTE=lovehamr;120586]when mounting the tire on the rim, inflate it to it's max psi maybe even a little more and check around the wheel to make sure that the tireís bead is seated on the rim. Once youíve made sure of that, deflate it. As it deflates youíll hear and maybe even see the tube shift into a more natural position inside the tire. This is because when we cram it in there and inflate it, it may not be in the best position for it, but it canít get there because of the pressure. Once again make sure that the stem is centered in the valve stem hole as you inflate it to your riding pressure.

taking this quote further, After putting a little soft air in your tube BEFORE installing it in your tire and then finish putting the tire on the rim, THEN put in a little more air, THEN work the beads (the thick part that has wire or kevlar moulded into the tire) around the rim pushing with your thumb on one side and your fingers on the other. The trick is that your tire is made for this and has a small line of rubber that goes around the tire just above the bead. This line is more accurate on better tires. Work the tire with your thumb and fingers and very light pressure in the tube untill the line is equal distance from the rim all the way round and the stem is of course straight up and down. NOW do the above lovehamr quote.
I use kevlar beaded tires because everything about them is the best and you never get a lumpy ride unless you skid like a dumby. I also use mr tuffys and heavy duty tubes and slime. We have these rock hard little "tumbleweed" thorns here that Im seeing around the country more and more. One will kill your ride. Now my tire can be covered with them and I just laugh like a mad scientist.
PS file a steel rim all you want, aluminum is better for your tube
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