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Thanks SB, making something up pretty much as you go and ending up with a working product that you can say is uniquely your own is enjoyable to say the least. Seeing the finished product of others that might happen to get inspired by a project such as this is very cool too

So since I'm mounting the lens without the aid of the original shroud I needed to get it sitting in the can flush, snug, centered and somewhat sealed. The method that I came up with to accomplish those things is a leather gasket sealing against the rim of the can plus the ID of the trim ring/visor part that's yet to be cut and put in place. Sealing and centering the lens to the ID of the can is a strip of Felpro's cork gasket making material, I feel I got lucky as it was the perfect thickness to do the job! Bonding the leather and the cork to the lens was done with contact cement applied with a small'ish tipped artists paint brush. To get the ID of the leather gasket cut out in a reasonably neat fashion I used a paper template tacked to the leather via a glue stick. Took me a couple of tries to get the ID of the gasket right but hey I got a whole couch worth of leather to play! I'll trim the OD of the leather gasket later when I get the trim ring/visor part attached. Next part I'll be working on is the rear mount which will allow me to secure the lens and service the light if required.


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