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Default Re: Good Throttle + cable

Originally Posted by bseelbach View Post
No- I couldn't figure out what threads were on the throttle assembly and the supplier offered little help. I ended up using a dremmel to virtually remove the 'threads' on the inside of of the throttle housing to make a press fit for an adjuster screw.

Go slow and you should be fine. Adjuster screws come in two diameter sizes from local bike shops. Aim for the smaller diameter and settle for the larger if you grind too much.

Stock throttle cable is the wrong length for the thumb throttle. I followed Norms post but I think after I I hooked it up to the thumb throttle and left in a neutral position, I made the other end 49mm off from the cable housing.

yeah, that's what i figured. i'm sure i can rig it. and i've got no probs with shortening the cable. i'm using compressionless "Jagwire" brake cables now, modified to fit.

thanks for the info...
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