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Default Re: High Speed Rear Blowouts

here's a funky tire/tube slip "solution" told to me by a hardcore mountain bike buddy of mine.

after using black vinyl electrical tape for a rim strip, he'd take four 6" pieces of duct tape and put one over the valve stem hole, and the others at opposite sides of the rim.

then he'd heat them up with a hair dryer till they were melt-y, and peel them off, leaving the gummy residue behind. then mount his tires and tubes.

the sticky goo would be on the rim strip and the insides of the rim as well, and he says it cured his tire/tube slippage.

dunno if it works, or how long it'd last before turning into that old duct tape crust, but he goes thru tires and tubes like crazy anyway, because, like i said, he's hardcore.
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