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It's not as much about creativity as it is being disabled and having to live on SS disability. I can't afford to buy commercial stuff so I HAVE to build it myself if I want anything.

The delta started out life as a old fashioned upright three wheeler I got off of freecycle. The only things I kept was the front tube for the forks and the rear axle and that was because it had a differential on it. The rest of the trike was built basically around that axle.
The back frame is made from bed rails, the main boom is 1 7/8" exhaust pipe and the rear cargo box is made from 3/4" emt and aluminum siding material.(my son does that stuff)
The lighting system came from Harbor Freight, and is just truck type 12v side markers and two of the small so called "spot lights" they sell that have a magnet mount. I removed the magnet mounts and made regular handlebar mounts for them. They make excellent headlights and only cost about$6 apiece which works well with my very small shop budget.

It uses matching controllers that both hook to one throttle and two small wheelchair motors both driving through a single jack shaft. It has 5 different chains on it at the moment which is one of the reasons I plan to take out the e-motors and install a 49cc like I have on the tadpole trike. That will get rid of two of the chains. You can see the building pictures for that one and all the other ones I've built on my home workshop website once I've posted enough that they let me post it's link

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