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Default Re: Looking for the how to felt top tube fuel tank

Originally Posted by tyrslider View Post
There's several ways to do it. The easiest I've seen is to:

Drill for petcock in front of the seat tube.This gives access to where the top tube goes around the seat tube; top tube does not seal here and goes down the seat stays. You need to seal it here. Clean out inside of frame w/ some sort of degreaser paint prep alcohol or whatever. Stuff steel wool into the voids inside the top tube around the seat tube. Hang the frame dropouts down head tube up. and fill w/ DevCon or Jb weld up to petcock hole. Allow to cure up. If level drops stuff in more steel wool and repeat epoxy. Do the same w/ the head tube making sure not to get interference w/ the headset/ fork steerer. You should be able to dc or jb a fitting for a petcock in the hole you drilled. You can drill the filler out a bit tap it and put a larger bung but you'll need to do some significant mods to make it large enough for a normal gas can or pump to fit.
I'm gonna test some constuction expansion foam with the tank sealer to see if that'll work first.
If it does work, I'll shoot that into the top of the wheel stays through the petcock hole.
I already sealed up all the other holes in the steerer tube & seat post tube with JB Weld yesterday.

I'll post some pics & progress on the thread.
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