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Default Re: Ht Kits $21 Plus Shipping

Do youselfs a favor. Stay as far away from the Chinese polatics as you can. Its a very shady game over there. You need to know exactly what your getting and whom your dealing with.

Another thing.. from a reputable Manufacturer. It costs about $4,000.00 to ship 120 kits @ $75.00 a kit. That comes out to around $13,000.00. $110.00 a kit shipping included. It's $5,000.00 to ship 800 kits which is a entire 20ft container for just $1000.00 more. For 800 kits its about $56,000.00 and the kit cost is around $75.00 a kit shipped, much more worth it. To get a good deal you want to purchase the larger number of 800. Its more economical to ship and you get a better deal on 800 kits then 120 kits. No reputable manufacturer wants to ship a single pallet china direct so beware. They get lost! Its easier for them to refer you to one of their USA dealers.
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