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Angry The 2nd 'no spoke' wheel falling apart

Hi everybody, about 4 months ago I was riding one day to work and noticed this 'crack' noise from my rear wheel. I thought nothing much of it as my bike just kept chugging along without any noticable probs. As I kept riding it in the next few weeks the noise in the wheel was getting louder and louder. Just a few weeks ago the wheel noise was getting really scary and I knew the wheel was going to fail one day. Just early this week I was riding back from work and heard a big crack and immediately stopped the bike to check the wheel out. I saw that one of the spokes had completely broken off the hub so I had to push the bike home for 2 hours which otherwise would have taken me 20minutes and got home about 2 in the morning.. and its the second one thats failed.

I'm vowing never to buy those wheels again as theyre not all theyre cracked up to be (no pun intended) Sure they may look good and tough but it seems when one weld goes, domino effect causes the rest of them go too with it. In my opinion, theyre not really suited for MBs.

I just finished installing a new heavy duty spoked one with thick spokes I wont go as fast as the previous one as I only have a 50T sprocket but oh well you cant have everything..
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