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no drivers license 4me (too many speeding tickets) starting new job monday and desperately trying to get from broomfield to littleton to pick up a 70cc kit and a good used bike to put it on from duane at thatsdax. I want to hopefully get it up and running to at least dial it in sunday before i head out monday morning to my new job ...136th exit/I25 to the erie exit#232 anyway it,s about 10miles eachway(ish) country roads mostly with a couple of fairly long moderate hills. 70cc with a 44tooth rear sprocket gonna be able to do that pulling my 6'1 210lbs mass WITHOUT PEDALING? my 2004 kawasaki 650klr will at 100mph hence the speeding tickets. I am aware of break-in procedures and the importance of using the best oil,etc... other than pedaling to get it moving/started I wish not to pedal!
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