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Default Re: Pea soup headlight

Originally Posted by Rockenstein View Post
SB on the top side of the small can I will have 2 shaped sheet metal mounts that reach up to where the fork legs, struts and spring assembly bolts together. I'll also have a mount of some kind coming up from where the fender bolts to the steering tube attaching to the bottom side of the small can...this will be where the angle adjustment is made and secured.

How do I cut the cans?

I use curved scissors similar to what is pictured below, I get them for $1.50 at a surplus store and they work just great on thin sheet metal too. Before cutting I mark up with either a fine sharpie or tool makers ink and a fine scribe. To dull the edges of a fresh cut I use my Dremel with a fine stone bit then I finish off with some fine sandpaper...freshly cut cans have edges sharp as a razor!
Yes, I can see that scissors would work and good to get cheap ones since they will dull pretty easily that way. My own projects are on hold for awhile as I am packing up for my annual snowbird migration to western Maryland. I'm taking four bikes with me, a couple motors, leather and tools to keep me out of trouble. I work as a caretaker/ handyman at a rural home not far from Camp David for a few months throught the winter. This year I'll be converting the rear portion of the main house into an apartment. Last year I always knew when Obama was going for the weekend as there would be military helicopters flying over in a grid long before his own would fly over. I waved and like to think he waved back. Howdy, pres.
You know, regarding your apple jiuce and now pea soup/ mushroom can projects. Unless somebody has done it themselves they have no idea what pleasure it is to make something out of nothing, especially when you have thought it up yourself. There's nothing like it. Just a great satisfaction. Nice going, my friend.
Someday when I grow up I will probably lose interest in toys with wheels, but until then...
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