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Thumbs up Re: Pea soup headlight

Well I had to add a can of sliced mushrooms to my headlight recipe in order to get the flavor tuned into my tastes

I have the part cut off the flashlight that I can epoxy to the OD of the large can so as to screw the yellow shroud down and hold the lens in...BUT...I don't particularly like the look of the thing with the big ugly shroud attached and I don't think changing it's color would change my mind. It just looks out of place on the bike. So I think I'll work out a way to secure the lens in the can(s) bare, make my own trim ring and visor plus maybe even a 1/4" mesh grill from 3/32 music wire.

Mocked up on the bike the shroud-less setup pictured looks pretty slick IMO and with a coat of black paint, the visor etc it should blend in nicely...


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