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i bought my first motor from boygofast also and it was not what the ad said it was and hard to comunicate with him and he is not to fast to answer questions when he did. it was supposed to have the over sized tube mount and it did not and all he said was sorry he had got mixed up with another motor when he did the ebay ad and would not send me one. no big deal i made my own just kinda pissed me off. i highly recomend dax. my new motor i ordered from him a titan and i have had more questions then you can imagine and probably driving him crazy. he was always quick to answer my questions and help me all he can. i have talked to others that bought from him and all of them happy and they had good experiences with him not only before the sale but after the sale as well. also kip pm me with the error message you are getting when trying to post the pictures and let me see if i can correct it
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