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Default Re: Kip Burbank in Melbourne, Ft. Laud, Florida


IMG_0108.jpgThank you for the "Welcomes" hope to meet some of my fellow motor-bikers in person. I got a notion to try to get a moped tag for my motorbike. The Florida Satatute is pretty darn clear about what a moped is and is separate, in writing, from a motor vehicle. Under the FSS traffic laws definitions, Motor Vehicle is defined in section 21, moped is 77. Section 21 says, a Moped is NOT a motor vehicle and thus exempt from the motor vehicle status. What is does say in the Moped section (not the scooter section because that's for electric wheel chairs) is that it must: Have pedal operation, 50cc or less engine if and enternal combustion engine is used, less than 2 brake horse power, have a seat for the rider, cannot exceed 30 mph on flat ground, can not have gears to shift once the engine is engaged. That's about it. So I went to the DMV and asked to register my 49cc moped. Fifteen minutes later I left with a new Florida license plate and a registration for my motorbike. I figured that if the statute spells out exactly what a moped is and my bike fits the description, why not register it and for go the chance of running in to a P.O. who wants to write a citation. So now, I am legal in all respects.

PS that is my Friend Wayne in the photos, he sells the Kuluna long the Sebastian Beach to the Locals. The old crusty looking cruiser with the license tag is mine.
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