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Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
Um... might be better off at an "Industrial Metal Supply" or a general welding shop - even plumbing perhaps. I doubt yer average exhaust shop has the tooling for bending such a small diameter. I'm pretty sure powder coating won't last on such a high heat application either.

All is not lost however - the gauge yer talkin about is pretty easy to bend, just gotta pack it with sand and cap both ends (welded) and you should be able to bend it yourself. The sand is to keep it from kinking - and the exaust shop would have the same problem, with the larger pipe it caves in the side a bit even with their benders - they just don't care with that "large" a pipe.

And ofc any high-temp rattlecan paint will look sweet

Yet - have you checked out this: Sick Bike Parts tuned exhaust? Not only will it give ya the length yer after - you get a pronounced power boost as well...

Just a thought
Do you think in even kink with a mandrel bender? And what typed of piping would you suggest? And gauge? Would reg steel conduint work, black iron pipe, stainless, not sure which one i want to use. I use to make custom conviers so I have knowledge for material. Just not much for making a exhaust, lol

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