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Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
Gotta love sandblasters w/o a doubt

Lookin' sharp - but if you think a motorized bike is ever done with alla details... you've a pleasant surprise comin' lol The only reason my bike is "finished" is cause I haven't the time right now to take it all back apart.

LOL, I believe ur totally right with quote. Once I get it all together i know I will see something I want to change. Or down the road add this or hmmm this will look better. Something will pop into my head for sure, lol. But to me it's all FUN, it's like being a kid and putting a model car together. But just one difference, I get to ride this when I'm done. I bought my motor kit back in March and my bike back in June. So it's been a slow process, just taking my time. My first and formost thought in my mind is SAFETY. If I don't think it will be safe at 30-35 I will trash it and start over, lol. I wanted a all steel frame and the newer ones is that "high tensile steel". I went with the older steel- mid '70s because of the strength factor. But I'm having fun with the project so when I'm done I will probably want to build another one.....

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